Coaching and “How Moods Impact Results”

What is your mood today? Great read from Emotional Intelligence guru @DanielGolemanEI —  discusses how moods affect the brain’s ability to process information and resolve issues.

It’s a reminder that we are “moody” creatures — happy, sad, angry, cautious and holding back, confident and moving forward, etc.   Research is continuing to show what, on a deeper level, we already know — that how we are feeling significantly affects our success.  Whether looking to shift the way you communicate, sort out an important decision, or look for a new job… Changing how you feel can change your results!

Sound easy?
A great first step is to simply notice the mood you’re in.  Is it a mood that supports you?  Does it feed your creativity, or approach to opportunities?

A more powerful step?  Working with an executive coach to expand your awareness, energy and perspective.

Stay positive and energized.  Align your mood with the results you want!

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