If you want to grow, you have to stretch

Great blog post. The tangible things, i.e, bigger salary, or bigger title often only bring short-term satisfaction. But personal expansion…? Now that’s a direct connection to career development and long-term job satisfaction!

The Armchair HR Manager - Advice from an "HR Fan"

Career development is one of the more frequent topics of conversation I have with employees, potential employees, colleagues, friends and family members. It means different things to different people, of course; however, I have noticed a bit of a disturbing ‘theme’ permeating throughout many of the conversations I have been having over the past 6-12 months. For many people, I have found that their definition of career development is that it is a series of incremental steps that they have to take in order to get paid more money. I also have heard from folks that they view career development as taking on assignments that can showcase with skills. To both of those groups I say – wrong! If you are thinking of career development as ‘steps’ you need to complete in order to get more cash, then we need to get you into a better mindset in terms of…

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