Leadership is about influence, and positive, productive communication.  Leaders are called to think in a forward direction, recognizing possibilities for innovation and new levels of purposeful progress.  They are team builders.  They are propellers of energy, engagement, and solutions.  

And leaders are human.  Their behaviors can go out of alignment and get in the way of creativity, connection, and accomplishment.  

Executive coaches support leaders in stepping forward to their vision, and managing the course of direction for their organization or company.

 7 Key leadership challenges that executive coaches support clients in addressing are:  

  1. Leaning away from stale or less than effective strategies to Embrace innovation.
  2. Spending less time in frustration to Manage engagement and energy to stay in flow.
  3. Depending less on tactical communications to Expand their communication style to build more positive and potential-filled relationships. 
  4. Reacting less from old habitual patterns to Respond more from authenticity and other strengths. 
  5. Asking fewer questions from the intention to give advice to Strengthen their capacity to hear what is being said. 
  6. Spending less time “on the fence” of indecision to Build a leadership framework to support solid decision-making.  
  7. Presenting less from pattern extremes to Step further into the power of authentic Leadership Presence.


Trish Pratt,  Executive and Career Development Coach — Greater Boston area

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