1. Embrace energizing goals. You may or may not consider yourself a goal-oriented person. One key lies in finding the “right” goals – the ones that spark your energy and creativity. Here is a “career goal” worksheet to help you uncover and define the New Year goals that will “pump you up!”
  2. Notice your focus. Begin by noticing what takes you “off focus.” Is it a specific time of day? Or are you easily distracted by unopened emails? …Or the happenings on social media? You may need to connect with people. And you may simply be avoiding the task at hand. Acknowledging challenges and addressing distractions proactively can be key to increasing your productivity. Which brings us to…
  3. Have a WIP!  Ground yourself with a WIP (works in progress) spread sheet . One of the best defenses against distractions is a clear list of tasks to return to after being pulled off-track. Email Trish (trish@trishpratt.com) for a beautifully-blank WIP to get you started.
  4. Clog Up the Drains.  Not the ones in the kitchen or bath! …but the ones that are zapping your energy. Energy drains such as: a messy office where finding things is taking too much of your time; the regret you have about what you said, didn’t say, did or didn’t do regarding a relative, friend, colleague, etc.; or the indecision you feel about …? well anything. These drains can zap your energy, wear down your enthusiasm and cause your mind to work too hard for only fruitless results. So ease up on yourself. Take necessary actions to clear up or clean up anything that isn’t sitting well with you. Begin with one change. And move on into the flow~~.
  5. Notice Your Thoughts. What researchers notice is that we often quickly and easily believe any negative thoughts about ourselves, but look endlessly for validation of our positive thoughts or traits. The result of all this can undo your confidence and cause you to lead your life, work, and decisions from a place of indecision and doubt. So step bravely and confidently into your attributes and accomplishments! You really are incredible!

Wishing you a new year of happiness, and your perfect goals achieved!

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