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Helping C-suite executives, directors, and other leaders connect, inspire and have an impact.

Career Coach Trish Pratt, Boston, MA

About Trish

Trish Pratt, MS, PCC is a certified Executive and Career Development coach with 20+ years of helping professionals expand their career and personal leadership success, and their level of contribution to their organization.

Trish excels in the areas of communication, leadership presence, decision-making and planning.  A behavioral and pattern expert, she helps clients step more fully into their strengths as they transform challenges and opportunities into career and leadership growth.  Trish’s expertise includes being a certified practitioner in a variety of assessments including The Results Accelerator™, a premium tool for career and leadership development growth.



Being asked to contribute more at meetings and not sure how to step up?



Is the next level of success eluding you?



Job satisfaction being overrun by frustration or boredom?

Expand Your Career Success and Communication Style

As a successful executive and leader, you know the importance of managing your career with confidence and clarity.  You want to influence, connect, and make an impact.  Job challenges and career decisions provide the guideposts for doing just that – for expanding your leadership effectiveness and managing your career decisions with confidence.  

Coaching supports you in clarifying and expanding your career strengths and igniting your enthusiasm for achieving goals, expanding clarity, and building relationships for greater influence and connection. 

About Trish

Trish helps executives and other professionals expand their personal leadership and career success.


Communication Style

Leadership Presence

Career Planning



Custom Tailored

Programs are tailored to individual clients and goals, and typically range in length from 6 months to one year.

Full Assessment

Trish offers leadership and behavioral assessments to expand coaching impact. Assessments such as: the DiSC®, Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders, the Hogan, and the Results System™, provide additional ways to clarify and support client strengths.

Fits Your Schedule

Coaching engagements typically begin with an in-person intake session, with follow-on coaching programs delivered in-person, via telephone, or via video-conferencing.

Career Development Clients

Trish has partnered with both corporate and individual clients including C-Suite executives, directors, and other professionals. Companies have ranged from Fortune 100 corporations to small businesses and non-profits, in a wide range of industries including high-tech and financial corporations, to marketing, business services, and healthcare.

A sample of past Career Coaching Clients

New York Life Executive

Bank of Canada Director

HP Business Development Managers

Cisco Senior Engineer

Oracle Product Manager

HP Global Account Manager


Career Success

Strengthened decision-making framework to clearer direction and mission.

Strengthened communication style to increased confidence and connection to team.

Transformed difficult relationship with boss to greater connection and respect.

Success Stories

Boston MA Career Development Coaching- Career Success


Personal Leadership

Stepped into a more proactive work style — leading to a long-sought promotion.

Increased awareness of perception patterns to greater staff retention.

Expanded contribution to and appreciation from co-workers and team.

Success Stories

Boston MA Career Development Coaching Personal Leadership

The career coaching I received from Trish has been invaluable…

Trish did a phenomenal job coaching me through some career transitions. The PaperRoom (now called Results Accelerator™) process she led me through gave me some amazing insights into who I am and what is important to me. Trish guided me through the process with just the right mix of support, encouragement and understanding,

Consulting System Engineer

EMC Corporation

With Trish’s help I was able to clear the fog that accumulates when you are deeply involved in the day to day operations of your business. Her help was invaluable in moving the business in the direction I wanted to go rather than having another book on my bookshelf taking up space. My heartfelt thanks go out to Trish.

Accounting Firm

The career coaching I received from Trish has been invaluable. The work we did together enabled me to step out of patterns that were in my way and step more confidently into my strengths and leadership abilities. Trish has an easy and reassuring manner that guided me effortlessly through this journey. I learned so much about myself that will continue to support me in my future career endeavors.

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Health Technology Company



Trish keeps abreast of the current trends and ideas involving Leadership Teams, Organizational Strategies, Neuro-science, and Self-development.

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Trish holds the following certifications
Hogan Assessment Certification

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