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Helping C-suite executives, directors, and other leaders connect, inspire and have an impact.

Executive Coach Trish Pratt, Boston, MA

About Trish

Trish is a certified executive coach and a past board member of ICF-New England.

Her expertise and experience are grounded in a deep understanding of leadership presence, communication styles, and executive career development.  Utilizing a strong coaching framework and a background in behavioral systems, Trish brings 20+ years of coaching and business experience to her clients in the Boston area. She is also certified in 360° assessments, the DiSC® Behavioral profile, Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders and others.



Is lack of engagement or enthusiasm from your team frustrating you?



Are communication challenges taking too much of your time?



Are strategies that got you to this level no longer effective?

Expand Your Leadership Presence and Communication Style

As a leader, you want to connect, inspire and lead your organization from its fullest, most aligned mission.  You want consistent results and a plan that energizes and engages you. As success may involve shifting goals, agendas, and team members, your best progress begins and evolves from high-level clarity and a solid connection to your personal leadership strengths.

Coaching supports you in assimilating components of success that resonate with you and guide you and your organization to its vision.

About Trish

Trish helps C-suite executives, directors, and other leaders expand their leadership success.


Communication Style

Leadership Presence



Key Ingredients for a Successful Coaching Program

Custom Tailored

Programs are tailored to individual clients and goals, and typically range in length from 6 months to one year.

Full Assessment

Trish offers leadership and behavioral assessments to expand coaching impact. Assessments such as: the DiSC®, Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders, the Hogan, and the Results System™, provide additional ways to clarify and support client strengths.

Fits Your Schedule

Coaching engagements typically begin with an in-person intake session, with follow-on coaching programs delivered in-person, via telephone or video-conferencing.

Executive Coaching Clients

Trish has partnered with both corporate and individual clients including C-Suite executives, directors, and other professionals. Companies have ranged from Fortune 100 corporations to small businesses and non-profits, in a wide range of industries including high-tech and financial corporations, to marketing, business services, and healthcare.

A sample of past executive and Leadership Clients:

PwC, Boston Executive

Berkeley Point Capital Vice President

Hewlett Packard VP and Executive Team

Applied Marketing Science Executive Leadership Team

AQR Capital Management Executive


Improved Communication

Shifted communication from overbearing, impatient style, to a more connecting and influential style.

Communicated with greater impact and purpose.

Expanded communication style from reactive patterns to more objective, thoughtful responses.

Success Stories

Boston MA Executive Coaching Improved Communication


Confident Leadership

Shifted leadership style from a diminished presence to greater confidence and impact.

Increased understanding and engagement with team, boss, and others.

Increased staff retention from short-term to long-term, building relationships and empowering teams.

Success Stories

Boston MA Executive Coaching Confident Leadership

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the work we did together…

Trish Pratt partners with leaders who are faced with complex problems and decisions, helping to uncover and recognize patterns of thinking and action that most significantly impact effectiveness. In my case, she helped me think deeply about managing expectations, and I realized I had been making assumptions about myself and others that were hindering my ability to deliver optimal results. Once these patterns had been identified, Trish expertly supported me in changing them so as to enhance my performance as a leader of global teams at a $20 billion corporation.



Trish was the consummate professional in coaching me toward recognizing my life’s purpose.  She was always able to pull more from me when I … I was at a stumbling block.  She [has] a wonderful ability to draw difficult information from me … to look at it in an entirely different and constructive way. … It was a completely rewarding process each step of the way.


Real Estate Firm

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the work we did together.

Senior VP

Hewlett Packard

Trish’s insightfulness and intuitiveness are by far the best we have experienced in an Executive Coach. We are becoming a better company because of her.


Applied Marketing Science, Inc.



Trish keeps abreast of the current trends and ideas involving Leadership Teams, Organizational Strategies, Neuro-science, and Self-development.

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Trish holds the following certifications
Hogan Assessment Certification

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