February 2018 Communication and Team-building Special Packages – 15% Discount!!

Winter is a great time to work on communication and team-building skills.  To that end, we’re offering your team a choice of two packages to increase team effectiveness utilizing DiSC to help increase productive communication, improve relationships, and increase team performance.  Each package is for 6 – 8 individuals and is offered at a special 15% discount if you sign up by February 28, 2018.

Package #1 – DiSC Training with Coaching/Read-out

  • One 3-hour Training for 6-8 participants
  • DiSC Classic 2.0 Report for each participant
  • DiSC Team View Report, and
  • Personal DiSC Coaching/Read-out (45 minute) session for each participant

Package #2 – DiSC Training with Coaching/Read-out plus Three months of Coaching Services for Three Participants

  • Includes Package #1 items for 6-8 participants
  • Coaching Services for Three Participants where each receives:
    • DiSC PPSS (12-15 page long-form report)
    • Two hour intake
    • Three hours coaching per month for three months
    • Two 30 minute meetings with client, manager, and coach

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for?  Contact Trish for a customized package.  From individual coaching programs to team training and coaching packages, all tailored to suit your needs.  Let us know how we can empower and support your success today!

February, 2018 15% Discount!  Email now for prices or information.

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