DiSC Classic

Helping People Work Better Together

DiSC Classic

The foundation of personal and professional success lies in understanding yourself, understanding others, and realizing the impact of your personal behavior on the people around you. The DiSC® Classic has unlocked the door to effective communication and productive relationships for over 40 million people worldwide through its DiSC®-based learning approach.

DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior provide a nonjudgmental language
for exploringeverything-disc-authorized-partner behavioral issues across four primary dimensions.

  • Dominance: Direct and Decisive
    D’s are strong-willed, strong-minded people who like accepting challenges, taking action, and getting immediate results.
  • Influence: Optimistic and Outgoing
    I’s are “people people” who like participating on teams, sharing ideas, energizing and entertaining others.
  • Steadiness: Sympathetic and Cooperative
    S’s are helpful people who like working behind the scenes, performing in consistent and predictable ways, and being good listeners.
  • Conscientiourness: Concerned and Correct
    C’s are sticklers for quality who like planning ahead, employing systematic approaches, and checking and re-checking for accuracy.

The DiSC® Classic, the result of extensive field research and testing, is the #1 DiSC assessment on the market. Scaled to today’s diverse workforce, it offers more response format choices and more reliability, setting the standard for behavioral-based learning

A Learning Tool with Practical Workplace Applications

The DiSC® Classic is designed to complement and supplement your existing training programs. Organizations like yours use it to:

  • ease frustration and conflict
  • improve communications
  • build productive teams
  • develop effective managers
  • train a powerful sales force
  • improve customer service

The DiSC® Classic has been used successfully across critical application areas, including:

  • Management Development
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Training
  • Team-Building
  • Coaching
  • Organizational Development

Bring Out the Best in Your Management Team Self-awareness is a vital component of effective management. Knowing one’s own behavioral style is the first step toward understanding and valuing differences in others. The DiSC® Classic helps employees at all levels of management:

  • understand their own behavior
  • learn how and when to adapt their behavior
  • improve communication
  • promote appreciation of differences
  • enhance individual and team performance
  • reduce conflict

Give Your Sales and Customer Service Teams a Competitive Edge

Building relationships is integral to an effective sales process, just as “people skills” are imperative for exceptional customer service. The DiSC® Classic is proven to help people:

  • create and maintain relationship-based sales
  • identify their customer’s DiSC® style and adapt their selling and/or support style accordingly.
  • stay focused on customer needs
  • manage difficult customer service situations

DiSC® Classic Online

The power of DiSC® Classic is now available on paper (see above) and online (web-based). Both options provide all the valuable feedback you’d expect from Wiley, the world’s DiSC leader. You can also manage and administer multiple users within your company with an optional EPIC sub-account.

Common Workplace Issues. Uncommon Results.

Individual differences are key to the success of your organization. Yet these vital differences can also lead to common workplace issues. Stress. Conflict. Low productivity. Ineffective leadership. Resistance to change.

So how do you solve common problems among unique individuals? With self-directed learning instruments. These tools are based on the belief that individual awareness is key to organizational success. Organizations like yours use these resources to provide a common language, helping people capitalize on differences to achieve uncommon results.

Related Products

Once your team members are grounded in DiSC, take them to the next level with DiSC action planners! Available online and on paper, DiSC action planners are designed for sales, customer service, management, and telephone professionals. They help people think through and develop plans for achieving their desired results with specific people.

Facilitation System (USB Version)

The DiSC Classic Facilitation System gives you the versatility to respond to a wide range of training demands, including sales, conflict management, teambuilding, or creating a DiSC culture in your organization. The DiSC Classic Facilitation System provides everything trainers need to administer the DiSC Classic in facilitated sessions. Modules are self-contained, can be mixed and matched to create a custom program and facilitate specific outcomes. The package includes more than 20 experiential learning activities for groups and individuals plus additional alternative activities. 250+ customizable PowerPoint® slides, integrated video into the PowerPoint so you don’t have to toggle between one and the other with four sections (pure styles, meeting, effective communication, natural styles), course outlines (starter outlines for: communication, conflict, sales, interpersonal management, management, teambuilding) making it easy to organize modules into effective solutions.


  • DiSC Classic Paper Profile (C-888) – $24.00
  • DiSC Classic North American Spanish Edition Paper Profile (C-349) – $33.50
  • DiSC Classic 2.0 Online (15 EPIC Credits) – $64.50
  • DiSC Classic 2 Plus Online (25 EPIC Credits) – $107.50
  • EPIC Online One time Sub-Account Set-up Fee (W-801) (optional) – $177.75
  • DiSC Classic Facilitation System v3.5 supports MS Office 2010 (Q-594) – $1675.00
  • DiSC Classic Facilitator Report (25 EPIC Credits) – $107.50
  • DiSC Classic Group Culture Report (25 EPIC Credits) – $107.50
  • QuikDiSC® cards (P-034) – $76.00

Please contact us via the contact form for more information, price list, shipping, taxes, terms, or to place an order.

“DiSC”, “Everything DiSC”, “Personal Profile System”, and “QuikDiSC” are registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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