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EPIC Platform

Deliver Learning Instruments via the Internet

Trish Pratt, Everything DiSC Authorized Partner
Whether you’re an internal coach, trainer, external coach or consultant, you now can deliver Wiley’s most advanced learning instruments via the internet with your company logo and other contact information.

As an EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) system administrator, you’ll control access to Wiley’s online profiles. From your PC, you can issue access codes to anyone in the world, anytime, via email. Once a respondent completes the profile, EPIC generates a comprehensive personalized report that can be used as the basis for further learning opportunities. EPIC does much more than deliver profiles. It offers advanced functionality that helps you take instrumented learning to the next level. With EPIC, you can:

  • Serve multinational employees around the globe
  • Build group reports from stored data
  • Regenerate group reports easily as staff changes
  • Monitor participant activity
  • View, print, and email completed reports from the system’s archives
  • Conserve valuable training time

EPIC features all of Wiley’s top learning instruments, along with a wide range of group reports, facilitator reports, and comparison reports. From added features to deeper levels of interpretation, EPIC-based profiles offer advantages that even Wiley’s paper instruments can’t match.

For example, the online version of the Time Mastery Profile has everything you get in the paper version, and much more! Like the paper version, the Time Mastery Profile on the web helps individuals evaluate and improve their effectiveness in 12 critical areas, leading to both increased productivity and better work/life balance. The web version also enhances the learning experience, making your time more productive. Along with the convenience of online responding and the reliability of computer scoring, the Time Mastery Profile includes a Skills Gap Analysis that provides respondents with a quick and easy way to pinpoint those time management skills most critical to their personal and professional success.


  • EPIC One-time Setup Fee – $177.75
  • DiSC® Classic 2.0 Online (Narrative) – $64.50 (15 EPIC Credits)
  • DiSC® Classic 2 Plus Online – $107.50 (25 EPIC Credits) (includes Approach to Managing Others, Approach to Selling, Relating to People and the Environment, Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship, Strategies for Managing, Strategies for Sales Management)
  • DiSC® PPSS General Characteristics Report Online (English) – $86.00 (20 EPIC Credits)
    • Approach to Managing Others – $21.50 (5 EPIC Credits)
    • Approach to Selling – $21.50 (5 EPIC Credits)
    • Relating to People and the Environment – $21.50 (5 EPIC Credits)
    • Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship – $21.50 (5 EPIC Credits)
    • Strategies for Managing – $21.50 (5 EPIC Credits)
    • Strategies for Sales Management – $21.50 (5 EPIC Credits)
  • Personal Listening Profile® Online – $43.00 (10 EPIC Credits)
  • Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 Online – $43.00 (10 EPIC Credits)
  • Time Mastery Profile Online – $43.00 (10 EPIC Credits)
  • DiSC® Classic Online Facilitator Report – $107.50 (25 EPIC Credits)
  • DiSC® Group Culture Report Online – $107.50 (25 EPIC Credits)
  • Personal Listening Profile® Online Facilitator’s Report – $64.50 (15 EPIC Credits)
  • Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 Group Report – $64.50 (15 EPIC Credits)
  • Time Mastery Profile® Online Facilitator’s Report – $64.50 (15 EPIC Credits)
  • EPIC Credits (can be used for any reports on the online EPIC Platform) – $4.30 each credit

Please contact us via the contact form for more information, price list, shipping, taxes, terms, or to place an order.

“DiSC”, “Everything DiSC”, “Personal Listening Profile”, and “Time Mastery Profile” are registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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