Personal Listening Profile

Personal Listening Profile

Overcome communication barriers

Trish Pratt, Everything DiSC Authorized Partner
Organizations have always known that success depends on people communicating effectively, contributing not only to the bottom line but to a positive performance environment. Successful organizations also know that good communication is not just about speaking well. It’s about the quality of the connection between the senders and the receivers of the message. The strongest influence on the quality and outcome of all communications is the ability to listen effectively. Only by listening effectively can you respond appropriately.

Learn to Listen and Respond with Purpose

Listening is more than hearing. Listening is the ability to receive, attend to, interpret, and respond to verbal messages and other cues, like body language, in ways that are appropriate to the purpose.

For example, if the message is a plea for help, our purpose is to be helpful, so we listen and respond with concern. If the message is entertaining, our purpose is to enjoy, so we listen and respond in a relaxed manner. If the message is intended to persuade us, our purpose is judgment, so we listen and respond critically. But it is estimated that people screen out or misunderstand the intended meaning or purpose of what they hear in over 70 percent of communications! This is the biggest contributing factor to miscommunication.

Discover the Impact of Different Listening Approaches

Behavioral research shows that people approach listening with different purposes and with different motivations related to achieving that purpose. The Personal Listening Profile® is a self-directed learning instrument that helps people discover their preferred or most natural approach to listening as they gain insight into the different Listening Approaches of others. The Personal Listening Profile identifies five Listening Approaches:

  • Appreciative: Listens in a relaxed manner and seeks enjoyment, entertainment, or inspiration.
  • Empathic: Listens without judging, is supportive of the speaker, and learns from the experiences of others.
  • Comprehensive: Listens to organize and make sense of information by understanding relationships among ideas.
  • Discerning: Listens to get complete information, understand the main message, and determine important details.
  • Evaluative: Listens in order to make a decision based on information provided and may accept or reject message based on personal beliefs.

Matching Listening Approaches to Communication Needs

The Personal Learning Profile® also helps people see that their preferred Listening Approach may not be appropriate to every situation. They learn when and how to adopt another Listening Approach for more successful communication. It outlines three primary factors to consider in choosing the Listening Approach appropriate to the situation:

  • Purpose or the primary focus and intent of the communication.
  • Motivation or the listening strategies to best accomplish the purpose of the communication.
  • Behavioral Indicators or the appropriate verbal and nonverbal signals that can be observed by the sender and impact the quality of the communication.

Enhance Individual and Team Performance

The Personal Listening Profile is a highly reliable personal learning instrument designed to explore and enhance the role of listening in communication. It uses a confidential process of self-directed scoring and interpretation. Learners discover their preferred Listening Approaches and gain insight into the Listening Approaches of others for improved communication and enhanced performance. Organizations like yours use the Personal Listening Profile to:

  • enhance communication
  • strengthen customer relationships
  • improve management effectiveness
  • reduce conflict
  • develop leaders
  • boost productivity

Facilitator’s Kit

The Personal Listening Profile Facilitator’s Kit provides everything trainers need to administer the Personal Listening Profile in facilitated sessions. The kit includes research and technical background, a fully scripted seminar, presentation materials on CD-ROM, and two profiles.


  • Personal Listening Profile (C-317) – $24.00
  • Personal Listening Profile Online (10 EPIC Credits) – $43.00
  • Personal Listening Profile Facilitator’s Report (15 EPIC Credits) – $64.50
  • EPIC Online One time Sub-Account Set-up Fee (W-821) (optional) – $177.75
  • Personal Listening Profile Facilitator’s Kit (B-318) – $600.00

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