Time Mastery Profile

Time Mastery Profile

Helping people maximize their time

Trish Pratt, Everything DiSC Authorized Partner
Setting priorities and managing time effectively is basic to enhancing individual and organizational performance. The pressure to find innovative ways to achieve goals, keep abreast of the competition, respond quickly to customer needs, and enjoy life outside of work is increasingly intense in today’s less structured, information-driven workplace. Meeting the daily challenges of managing professional and personal responsibilities requires a learning strategy designed to meet individual needs.

More Time in the Day

If you could reduce your staff’s wasted time by just five minutes every hour, productivity would jump 8.3 percent! Efficiency levels would also rise as employees began to devote more time to critical tasks.

The advantages of efficient time management are significant:

  • Employees can squeeze more tasks into every work day
  • Departments and teams can meet project deadlines more easily
  • Your organization can serve more customers without adding staff, equipment, or office space
  • Managers can spend more time pursuing opportunities – and less time struggling with paperwork or attending unproductive meetings


  • Employee Development
  • Personal Development
  • Meeting Management
  • Increased Organizational Effectiveness
  • Reduced Stress
  • Work/Life Balance

Application Tip:

Managing ourselves means learning new habits. To change your habits, you must first identify them. How do you spend your day? What takes up most of your time? Are you doing things that are important? By identifying these things, you can begin to maximize your time and understand what to let go. Integrating the Time Mastery Profile® into FranklinCovey® training programs provides a foundation for understanding your habits and identifying what is important.

A Powerful Tool for Self-Assessment

The Time Mastery Profile® is a unique tool that provides people with a complete, self-directed assessment of their current time management effectiveness. The instrument is comprised of 60 statements that describe employees’ time-related behavior in 12 categories.

Attitudes – Committing to personal control.

Goals – Focusing on objectives rather than activities.

Priorities – Putting first things first by defining relative importance.

Analyzing – Personal time patterns and opportunities for improvement.

Planning – Six questions to ask when allocating time and work.

Scheduling – Deciding when to do what you’ve planned.

Interruptions – Minimizing and managing uncontrollable events.

Meetings – Making meetings shorter and more productive.

Paperwork – When and how to dump it, delegate it, do it, or delay it.

Delegation – Horizontal and vertical sharing of work, authority, and accountability.

Procrastination – Learning to stop postponing the inevitable.

Time Teamwork – Mastering time in an era of teams and workgroups.

Built-In Implementation Workbook

The Time Mastery Profile includes a workbook that helps transform self-awareness into results. Practical tips help employees improve their time management skills in 12 key categories. Finally, the workbook supplies a detailed framework for a personal action plan under each of the 12 headings.

Several instructional design features make the Time Mastery Profile unique:

  • It is written in plain, contemporary language for staff and line personnel at every level of your organization.
  • It’s a comprehensive and friendly tool that enlightens without being condescending.
  • The Time Mastery Profile is fast. Most people need less than an hour to take the first steps toward more effective management of their time.

Facilitator’s Kit

The Time Mastery Profile Facilitator’s Kit provides everything trainers need to administer the Time Mastery Profile in facilitated seminars. The kit includes research and technical background, a fully scripted seminar, presentation materials on CD-ROM, and two profiles.


  • Time Mastery Profile Paper Profile (C-345) – $26.00
  • Time Mastery Profile Online (10 EPIC Credits) – $43.00
  • Time Mastery Profile Facilitator’s Report (15 EPIC Credits) – $64.50
  • EPIC Online One time Sub-Account Set-up Fee (W-821) (optional) – $177.75
  • Time Mastery Profile Facilitator’s Kit (B-346) – $600.00

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