Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

Based on best practices, Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders connects to real-world demands, generating powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action.

Using the framework of vision, alignment, and execution, the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profileeverything-disc-authorized-partner encourages leaders to understand their own leadership behaviors and how they impact their effectiveness. With strong visuals to illustrate key messages, the 23-page personalized leadership-specific report includes 18 behavioral continua, context-specific feedback, and strategies for improving leadership effectiveness.

Modular design lets you create an end-to-end leadership development program or concentrate on specific areas. Five 60-90 minute modules focus on:

  • Vision
  • Alignment
  • Execution
  • Action Planning
  • Optional Activities: Discovering DiSC and Comparison Reports
  • Bonus: Work of Leaders Podcasts

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders video has the following segments:

  • Introduction to Work of Leaders
  • DiSC and Leadership
  • Vision: Approaches to Exploration, Boldness, Testing Assumptions. plus bonus split-screen video
  • Alignment: “Before” and “after” in adapting leader/group interactions
  • Execution: One Work Group and Approaches to Feedback

“This is the leadership program I’ve been waiting for!” -Leadership Development Consultant

“The participants raved about the program. They were dreading coming to another training program but to their delight they were totally engaged!” -Independent Trainer and Consultant


  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile (25 EPIC Credits) – $107.50
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Facilitation Kit (A-411) – $1,195.00
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Wall Posters (P-401) (set of 8 different posters) – $100.00

Call 978-208-7333 to order today, price list, or for more information.

“DiSC”, “Everything DiSC”, and “Everything DiSC Work of Leaders” are registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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