A great article from Steven Berglas, @HBS, “Don’t Try to Read Your Employees’ Minds”.   It’s a thoughtful reminder that what we think about someone else, whether the other person is our boss, co-worker or employee, says so much about our own patterns and perspectives.  It can be especially difficult to remember in moments of frustration or disappointment, that the lens we are looking through always has our distortions, our biases.  Whether those distortions are big or little, they are there and often just out of our awareness.

Berglas offers a couple of ways for purging your biases and expanding your EQ.  One simply stated way is to show empathy.  Stepping into an empathetic perspective can help put a bias “back in a drawer” and help you listen from a place of objectivity.  Expressing more empathy can often lead to actually feeling more empathy and more openness — key ingredients that will support you in expanding your questions, perspectives and decisions, and take your leadership abilities to new level of effectiveness.

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Trish Pratt,  Executive and Career Development Coach — Greater Boston area

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