Whether from phone calls, texts, or outside concerns shouting for your attention, your typical work day may include many hundreds of interruptions. We know the costs of dealing with these interruptions can be a decreased attention span, diminished creativity, fewer accomplishments, decreased work quality, and others. The greatest cost may have more to do with decreased self-awareness and a diminished ability to fully connect and relate to the people around us.

In this informative interview from Daily Good @Daily_Good, “Is Attention the Secret to Emotional Intelligence?”, Daniel Goleman, discusses his new book: Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, and the three types of focus necessary for leaders today.

Noticing the distractions in your environment and implementing effective boundaries with both yourself and the outside world, are key steps to not only managing your focus but also expanding your personal leadership.

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Trish Pratt,  Executive and Career Development Coach — Greater Boston area.

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