The Results System

“Seeing freshly starts with stopping our habitual ways of thinking and perceiving.” – Peter Senge

Open the door to Possibilities… Open the door to your Results System


The Results System™ (formerly PaperRoom System) is set of assessment tools used to clarify and strengthen an individual’s success patterns. Through the lens of life and work experiences, these powerful tools help you recognize the unique patterns that make up your “results system.”  Your “success” patterns partner with you in all aspects of your work including: your communications, decisions, and perspectives on opportunities and challenges. With the clarity and understanding the Results System™ provides, you can more easily recognize the patterns that slow or prevent your goal results, and step further into patterns that support and streamline your success. From the vantage point this tool provides, people are able to expand their view of options and opportunities and create success in a more powerful way.

For both individuals and teams, the Results System™ expands personal growth and increases both leadership effectiveness and potential. These tools:

• Provide an internal 360 assessment. In the way that an organizational 360 assessment provides an external perspective of a client’s approach to their work, The Results System™ provides ex self-perspective of this approach and so broadens their self-understanding and self-perception in ways an external 360 alone cannot provide.

• Provide specific information tailored to the individual. Where behavior and personality tools provide typing and more general information regarding challenges and strengths, The Results System™ provides people with the opportunity to view their unique, personal system and methods — both the successful and the unsuccessful.

• Provide a straightforward approach to change. With expanded clarity and perspective, individuals are able step more directly toward their goals — creating a path to success that is more direct and long-lasting.

For individuals intending to make career shifts, the Results System™ enables them to identify patterns that optimize their talents. They are then able to make career / work choices that are both professionally fulfilling and personally rewarding. Through the perspective this assessment offers, individuals are able to:

  • Better appreciate their strengths and understand how to access them.
  • Use a template to evaluate work opportunities and challenges to better insure success
  • Identify challenges needed for personal growth and success
  • Approach their work life in a way that streamlines the results they want.

Coaching supports individuals in achieving their greatest level of success.  The Results System™ (formerly The PaperRoom™ System) helps them use their most powerful and direct approach to accomplish this success.

What Clients Say About The Results System Experience

“What a great experience! Trish’s skills at helping me make important connections from past to present were striking and valuable. The information I discovered and took with me will help me in making future decisions.” -Consultant

“Working with Trish and The PaperRoom System was both enlightening and informative. I had never mapped out short- and long-term goals for myself; and was able to discover how my life experiences have shaped and determined these goals. I was also able to see how my perceptions may limit or impede achievement of these goals. By being conscious of the road blocks, I am able to navigate around them and stay the course.” -Business Executive

“Trish created a very comfortable setting in which to complete the exercises. Her open and supportive manner allows the client to feel free to reach deeply within oneself as they develop their “paper room”. Her passion for helping others lead richer, more satisfying lives is most apparent in this and all of her work.” -Business Owner

“Results System” is a trademark of ThoughtAction LLC.

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