Success Stories

Trish Pratt’s Mission

To support executives, managers and other professionals in the expansion of their personal leadership and effectiveness as they propel their organizations and careers to higher levels of success and innovation.

Your professional success is propelled by your personal leadership. Whether you are looking to clarify your career direction, or looking to further develop your role in your current job or organization, your personal leadership brings clarity, confidence, and authenticity to all aspects of your work.

Personal leadership requires a strong foundation — a foundation that sustains clear direction and communication, and empowers decisions to address both day-to-day challenges, as well as to overcome unexpected obstacles.  In my work with clients, I help individuals expand their personal leadership presence by strengthening and aligning the three primary components:

1) Clear and authentic identity

2) Business role and objectives, and

3) Personal leadership patterns

When these foundational components come together in solid alignment and integration, your leadership presence and perspective expand and your confidence, decision-making and communication are empowered to new levels of success.