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Executive Coaching

Achievement-Driven Leadership Pattern

A highly-successful Marketing Director of a Fortune 100 company was experiencing frustration. She felt she was on a treadmill of success defined by a continual increase in goal numbers along with a diminishing or restricted level of resources. Adding to the stress was what she perceived to be a lack of appreciation from her boss.

Trish Pratt partnered with this client in:

  • Increasing client’s understanding and awareness of the strengths and challenges of her personal achievement patterns and how they factor into her approach to work challenges and opportunities.
  • Raising client’s level of awareness regarding some limiting perceptions and expectations about her work environment and company leadership.
  • Supporting client in identifying areas of inconsistent boundaries so that she could proactively establish and communicate clearer boundaries to affectively support her priorities and demanding schedule.
  • Anchoring new strategies for going forward with greater balance and success.

Client reports feeling less stressed and more successful in leading her organization.

Along with a more positive attitude this director reports having an increased ability to step back from her work without trading off the success of her organization.

Director’s team reports a more productive and supportive work environment. 

And finally, as the client’s stress level decreased, so did her need for appreciation.

Overall results are:

  • increased productivity
  • expanded creativity that has led to new solutions
  • the achievement of client’s highest level of marketing success

Executive Coaching

CEO/Board Communication

CEO of a non-profit was frustrated by the resistance and lack of connection he perceived from the company’s Board of Directors. He was increasingly becoming more anxious. For him there was little sign of progress in efforts to accomplish the annual goals regarding increased sales and financial stability. His strategies for building his relationships with board members and for advancing new programs were stalled.

This CEO signed on for coaching with Trish Pratt to determine what strategies, if any, might turn around his relationship with the BOD so that an agreed-upon plan could be put into action. He was concerned that he might need to move on to another job. However, with many aspects of the work a perfect fit for him, he was committed to keeping an open mind and looking objectively at the situation.

Trish Pratt provided coaching support to this executive to:

  • Clarify and define priorities, set goals and expectations regarding staff, BOD, and long and short-term plans.
  • Increase awareness and understanding regarding impact of personal “system” patterns on his communication style, approach, and perspective. (Results System™)
  • Clarify behavioral and leadership style to increase understanding of behavioral strengths and strategies for greater effectiveness. (DiSC®)
  • Understand impact of his perceptions and expectations regarding board-members so that he could view and develop these relationships with more open and respectful communication.
  • CEO now reports conversations with board member and staff members have become more open and productive. He views his relationships with BOD members as cooperative and with continued growth in that direction.
  • Client reports no longer feeling that he is “working uphill” and has implemented new strategies to move forward in achieving the organization’s goals, including increased revenue.
  • With increased awareness regarding his “pressure/overwork” pattern that can sometimes shutdown his communication, client is continuing to react less and respond more – leading his organization toward clearer and more effective communication patterns.

Executive Coaching

Leadership Promotion

Senior Manager at financial firm was promoted to new level of responsibility. This manager had been with the company for several years and was now being asked to join the company’s leadership team meetings, manage a larger organization and establish a new reporting structure for her organization. Company leadership was looking to bolster this manager’s confidence and effectiveness as she stepped into a new level of decision-making and responsibility. Financial firm hired Trish Pratt to support the client’s leadership growth and development.

Trish Pratt provided coaching support to this leader to:

  • Strengthen her decision-making and leadership framework for greater clarity, focus, and strategies. (Results System™)
  • Clarify and utilize her behavioral strengths in managing her work and team. (DiSC®)
  • Step into a more expansive style that bolstered her leadership presence and communications
  • Develop strategies for accomplishing new responsibilities
  • Maintain worklife balance and improved schedule management

At conclusion of 9-month engagement, this senior manager was utilizing a newly developed and more effective delegation model.

The client reported:

  • enjoying less stress and greater confidence
  • being certain that business goals were on track to exceed expectations
  • feeling good about her organization’s productivity and goal expectations
  • achieving greater balance and ability to delegate
  • participating with confidence and influence in Leadership Team discussions

Career Development

Career Change

Client had recently been laid off from a job that he found frustrating. After having been a school administrator for many years, he was now applying for similar jobs and having no success. In his first meeting with Trish he realized his uncertainty and lack of enthusiasm were possibly playing a part in his lack of success. He hired Trish to help him define what he really wanted and take the steps to accomplish this goal.
In a short amount of coaching time, this client realized that he was working toward two conflicting goals. One goal was to obtain a position that would leverage his years of experience and provide him with a high-level salary; another goal was to do something altogether new — that would challenge and engage him. Working with Trish he realized that, if financially feasible, he wanted to step into a new challenge around a long-time passion. He wanted to start a consulting business.
With new clarity, energy, and focus, this client was able to create a plan for his business and put this plan into action. Today he reports enjoying the challenge and success of his thriving consulting practice. He reports his business is continuing to grow and that he is very happy with his career-change decision.

Career Development

Difficult Boss

Client feeling stressed about current work situation. Client reported not sleeping well and uncertainty regarding career direction. The stress of organizational changes and a difficult boss propelled client to hire Trish to sort out his next career/job change.
Through a combination of coaching and a personal pattern assessment, this client was able to gain new perspective on his work patterns and motivators so that he could better understand where he was adding to his anxiety. From increased awareness and understanding, he could then view the situation with greater clarity and better see what he needed from his boss, the situation, and his career.
Client’s stress level diminished. Today he is more pro-active in managing his communications with his boss. From his new vantage point of clarity, he engages more with the work, and feels clear and confident about his career plan.

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The work we did enabled me to step out of patterns that were in my way and step more confidently into my strengths and leadership abilities....
Trish has been an invaluable resource for our leadership team as our company goes through a major transition. She gets to the core of inter-company challenges, personal obstructions and career growth motivations and is able to guide you through a process of awareness, realization and progress. Trish’s insightfulness and intuitiveness are by far the best we have experienced in an Executive Coach. We are becoming a better company because of her.

Applied Marketing Science, Inc.

I gained a new perspective to meet the challenges of my position. I don’t just show up for work anymore – I bring my whole self. Discovering a way to bring the best of myself to my company is a much healthier alternative than always being stressed.
HR Manager

Impact Science and Technology

As a result of working with Trish, I am making better and more timely decisions and taking more effective/focused actions. In short, I am a better leader than I was before working with her.




Trish keeps abreast of the current trends and ideas involving Leadership Teams, Organizational Strategies, Neuro-science, and Self-development.

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