Have Enough Introverts on Your Marketing Team?

Introverts in Sales and Marketing…?  You bet.  When hiring for their sales or marketing team, managers often look directly to the classical profile of the extroverted sales person and forget to include introverts.  Who better than introverts to listen to and understand a client’s needs?  And from a DISC perspective, a well-rounded team is often the ideal.



Great article, “Why Marketing Needs More Introverts” from @HBR and @eddieyoonTCG on the value introverts bring to Marketing.



Trish Pratt,  Executive and Career Development Coach — Greater Boston area.

Sailing Executive Career Success

At the Helm of Work and Career Success

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the
things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So
throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
— Mark Twain

One of my favorite quotes. Whether you’re finding your way in a new job or career… taking your business in a new direction, or an executive leading your organization through challenges to new opportunities, Mr. Twain’s wisdom rings loudly and clearly.
Be bold. Listen to your inner wisdom. Trust life. Trust yourself!

Career Success and “Perfect Fit” Interviews

When coaching executives and other professionals in the area of job search and interviewing, I remind them that a successful interview comes together as a complete picture.  It’s up to you, the applicant, to deliver the context for the interview — the big picture of how you, your experience and the particular position align.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, a successful job interview requires having all the necessary pieces (job requirements). More importantly, a successful interview requires putting those pieces together in a way that shows a perfect fit!



Career Motivation: 3 Key Things that Motivate You

A great article from @HBR Three Things that Actually Motivate EmployeesCarrot motivation   

If you’re a manager motivating your staff, or an individual looking to get the most from your career, Rosabeth Moss Kanter clearly outlines what makes our “work engines” fire on all cylinders.

When Your Mind Wanders at Work

Maybe you’re at a meeting, or sitting alone organizing your schedule, when you suddenly notice that your mind has been wandering. You may realize you’re not focused on the topic or not aware of what someone just said. What just happened? Maybe fatigue or boredom is making it difficult to focus… Or maybe your mind is taking a creativity or problem-solving break!

This informative article How to Focus a Wandering Mind, from @Daily_Good and @GreaterGoodSC does a great job at explaining what happens when a mind wanders and what you can do to strengthen your focus. A common coaching strategy is to help clients find their “middle ground”, or points of greatest balance and effectiveness.  With a wandering mind, your best “middle ground” strategy may lie in noticing what supports and strengthens your focus — and then what allows your mind to take breaks to assimilate, problem-solve, or be creative.

Coaching and “How Moods Impact Results”

What is your mood today? Great read from Emotional Intelligence guru @DanielGolemanEI http://linkd.in/190BySq —  discusses how moods affect the brain’s ability to process information and resolve issues.

It’s a reminder that we are “moody” creatures — happy, sad, angry, cautious and holding back, confident and moving forward, etc.   Research is continuing to show what, on a deeper level, we already know — that how we are feeling significantly affects our success.  Whether looking to shift the way you communicate, sort out an important decision, or look for a new job… Changing how you feel can change your results!

Sound easy?
A great first step is to simply notice the mood you’re in.  Is it a mood that supports you?  Does it feed your creativity, or approach to opportunities?

A more powerful step?  Working with an executive coach to expand your awareness, energy and perspective.

Stay positive and energized.  Align your mood with the results you want!

Career Place Presentation

I had the pleasure of presenting at The Career Place yesterday. Great group of people and the motivation in the room was palpable!

One of the points that came up was “money” – very relevant topic for most people …and especially for those in the “currently unemployed” category.
Bottom line as I see it… Stay out of your own way. Notice your thinking… Not spending doesn’t have to feel like a problem… You can choose to have it feel like a choice — a much more powerful place to come from.

To all attendees… Thank you for your questions and comments! Please drop me a line in this blog. I’d love to know your biggest take-away!

My best,