As mentioned in Part I of this series, the DiSC is a powerful executive and career development tool often used in coaching. Using four simple letters, D,I,S and C (or a combination of them) this assessment provides clients with a view of their strengths as well as strategies for leveraging these strengths.  This post looks at the “I” dimension.

Interpersonal, Influence, Inspirational and Optimistic  These “I” qualities are about gaining energy through connecting with people.  Those with a high “I” dimension are trusting and their strengths lie in their ability to communicate with and relate to others.  This dimension is often found in Sales, Customer Service, Management and Training industries. Those with a high “I” dimension are typically more outwardly focused and can sense the mood of a group or room full of people in a short amount of time.

On the flip side of these strengths, some common work challenges that show up in coaching those with this dimension are:

  • Isolation at work – not enough teamwork, too little connection to co-workers; too little appreciation from your staff or boss.
  • Difficulty organizing — too much paperwork, too many details; too many distractions and lack of follow-through.
  • Lack of positive work environment — frustrations with negative co-workers or environment; too little freedom or independence in your work.
  • Communication challenges – complaints from others that you talk too much or lack sincerity; also lack of directness in difficult conversations.
  • Lack of motivation due to criticism of work or work style – Not feeling accepted or appreciated by clients, co-workers, managers, etc.

If you relate to any of these challenges, you may notice how your “I” strengths support your work, and yet may also go out of balance from time to time. Consider how you might temper your strengths without stepping too far away from them. The “I” dimension brings a set of great leadership qualities that are often seen in sales executives, ceo’s, managers, entrepreneurs and others. Consider a DiSC assessment to help you bring out the most effective “I” in you!

If you like to know more about your DiSC Behavioral Style and how you can leverage your style to streamline your career or leadership success, contact Trish and mention this post for a 20% discount on a DiSC assessment.


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