As mentioned in Parts 1 and 2 of this series, the DiSC is a powerful executive and career development tool often used by both organizations and individuals to better understand communication and leadership styles.  Where are you in this 4-pronged model?  Do you have a direct “D” style as described in part 1? Do you bring a natural influence or “I” dimension to your career leadership?

Though humans are complex creatures who can’t be summed up in a few simple letters or descriptive words, the DISC can shine light on your natural style and support you in managing your style strengths in a way that bolsters career success.

Let’s look at the “S” dimension.

Sensing, Steady, Sincere, and Positive – are some hallmark strengths of individuals with a high “S” dimension.  These “S” qualities are about maintaining balance and keeping things going smoothly. If you’re an individual with a high “S” dimension, you likely prefer to manage your work and career with a steadiness or more methodical approach. You manage your team using a more supportive style wanting people around you to feel good.

Your communication style may be more reserved and thoughtful. People with a high “S” dimension are often found in industries such as Customer Service, Management, Coaching, Healthcare and Counseling.

Some common work challenges for individuals with a high S dimension are:

  • Difficulty managing priorities –conflicting projects or schedules, projects that lack structure or plan.
  • Communication challenges – difficulty voicing concerns or speaking the truth about what is not working.
  • Unrealistic work expectations – managing a boss or co-workers who seem to push or have a more intense or direct style.
  • Unstable environment – frustration with organization’s lack of focus, plan, or decision-making; frustration with changing guidelines or goals.
  • Feeling powerless or overlooked – not feeling heard or appreciated, feeling overlooked or undervalued.
  • Difficult decisions – unable to make decision; maybe lacking time or clarity needed for clear decisive leadership.

This 4-prong (D,I,S,C) model describes behavioral types in a simple, easy to use manner and is a powerful addition to many coaching programs.

To achieve your highest level work results, consider how you might utilize your DiSC strengths while also keeping them in optimal balance. The “S” dimension brings a set of great leadership qualities that are often seen in business partners, mediators, team leaders, managers, and others.

Consider a DiSC assessment to help you bring out the most effective “S” in you!  If you would like to know more about your DiSC Behavioral Style and how you can leverage your style to streamline your career or leadership success, contact Trish and mention this post for a 20% discount on a DiSC assessment.

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