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Assessments can be helpful executive and career development tools, especially when combined with coaching. One powerful, easy to understand coaching assessment describes behavioral style and is called the DiSC. Though humans are complex creatures who can’t be summed up in a few simple letters or descriptive words, the DiSC can add high-level clarity to a client’s self-understanding and leadership strengths. Simply said, when looking to better understand yourself, your team, and your career, the DiSC is a powerful tool!

There are four DiSC Dimensions. Let’s look at the “D”.

Direct, Dominant, gets things Done — these are hallmark strengths for individuals with a high “D” dimension of behavior. “D-ness” is about using the most direct path to accomplish results, and speaking directly to the point – short and succinct. The “D” dimension is also about stepping into power and authority, and being energized by a perfect challenge.

On the flip side of these strengths, some common work challenges for individuals with a high “D” dimension are:

  • Impatience with slow progress — from your methodical team, staff member or boss; from project difficulties, or a micromanaging boss.
  • Frustration with easily offended co-workers – people you work with who may ask a lot of questions, need too much hand-holding, move too slowly, or are too indirect.
  • Irritation due to lack of acknowledgement – as in lack of job promotion, too little responsibility, or not enough freedom.
  • Boredom — from lack of challenge or clear work goals, to lack of career progress or clear direction.
  • Communication challenges — Others complaining that you don’t listen, that you yell or push too hard; that you expect too much.

If you relate to any of these challenges, you may notice how your “D” strengths support your work, and yet may go out of balance from time to time. If so, you may want to learn ways to temper your strengths while still leading from them.  After all, you are a person that gets things done!  The “D” dimension brings a set of great leadership qualities that are often seen in executives, managers, project leaders, entrepreneurs and others. Bring out the most effective “D” in you!

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