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Moving on to the fourth dimension of the DiSC, let’s look at the “C”.

Conscientiousness, Quality, Details and Standards – these are hallmark strengths of a high “C” dimension. Where the “I” and “S” dimensions include the ability to sense or “see” the big picture of a situation. “C” qualities are about discerning and details.

Having a co-worker or staff member with a strong “C” dimension, means working with someone who will notice the standards and mind the details. If you’re an individual with high “C” traits, you look to manage your work and career from lower risk strategies and prefer environments that reflect high-quality results.  As with the first three dimensions we discussed, the “C” dimension also has its strengths and challenges.

Some Coaching challenges for the high “C” dimension are:

  • Need for higher standards – frustration with management’s or team’s lack of work/project standards and quality, and/or lack of planning.
  • Unstable environment – frustration with organization’s changing goals, lack of focus or plan.
  • Lack of time – to accomplish quality work; feeling pressured to accomplish too much in too short of time.
  • Communication difficulties – regarding above, or complaints from others who feel criticized or micro-managed.
  • Frustrating feedback — Complaints from management or team regarding productivity and/or slow decision-making.
  • Work/Life balance challenges – too much work, too little support, struggles with delegating.

If you relate to any of these challenges, notice how your “C” strengths support your work, and yet also go out of balance from time to time. The “C” dimension brings a set of great leadership qualities that are often seen in financial executives, accountants, engineers, attorneys, and others. Consider a DiSC assessment to help you leverage your “C” and expand your career leadership potential!

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