The Results System

The Results System

“Seeing freshly starts with stopping our habitual ways of thinking and perceiving.”
– Peter Senge

Trish Pratt, The Results System Certified Practitioner
The Results Accelerator™ is an intake process used to view an individual’s goals, life and work experiences, to see where these experiences may be playing a part in the client’s navigation of their leadership and career success. Using paper panels to chart key information, client and coach collaborate to differentiate patterns such as beliefs, responses, perspectives, and others, to assist the client in stepping out of any patterns that can slow or stall progress and into strength patterns that best support and streamline their success.

What does this process offer?

This process provides:

  • An understanding for why you react the way you do in some personal and professional situations
  • A way to see where you may be getting in the way of your work or career goals
  • The power and awareness to move from negative to positive reactions
  • An understanding of your strengths and how to step further into them
  • A way to manage and respond from your authentic leadership presence
  • A way to see your criteria for work, career and life happiness
  • Improved energy, focus and clarity

Who can benefit?

  • Corporate and business executives looking to expand communication or relationship-building skills and lead teams more effectively
  • Leaders looking to re-energize and accelerate their leadership success
  • Managers and other professionals looking to expand and enhance their communication style
  • Individuals wanting greater sense of work alignment and clarity

What is the format ?

  • Structured Q and A format
  • Takes  5 – 6 hours  to complete (single or multi-session formats)
  • Tangible deliverables (i.e., intake charts, photographs, and recording)
  • Can be completed one-on-one or in small groups

What about the Coach?

The coach plays a key role in the actual inquiry of this process, as well as in the recording, interpretation, and analysis of the data. Trish Pratt was trained and certified in the Results Accelerator and Results System theory in 2003. This powerful tool has remained an integral part of her practice since that time. Trish was inducted into the Results System™ (formerly PaperRoom System™) Founder’s Circle in 2011. She is committed to helping others achieve outstanding career results and professional growth.

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What Clients Say About The Results System Experience

  • “What a great experience! Trish’s skills at helping me make important connections from past to present were striking and valuable. The information I discovered and took with me will help me in making future decisions.” – Consultant
  • “Working with Trish and the Results Accelerator was both enlightening and informative. I was able to discover how my life experiences have shaped and determined my goals. I was also able to see how my perceptions may limit or impede achievement of these goals. By being conscious of the road blocks, I am able to navigate around them and stay the course.” – Business Executive
  • “Conducting the intake (Results Accelerator) exercise with Trish was a revelation, as it helped me to define and understand life patterns that have impacted my work and home life.” – Business Executive
  • “This is amazing!  Everyone should do this!” – Business Owner

“Results System” is a trademark of ThoughtAction LLC.

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