Thank you to @BostonGlobe @BostonGlobeMag for last week’s Globe Magazine issue, “Women & Power.”  The articles, interviews and personal quotes provide a behind-the-work perspective of these women leaders and the wisdom and advice that inspired them along their way.  Hearing from women executives about what they have learned and how they address the challenges of managing a family and personal life while thriving in their careers, offers inspiration and also very real advice.

In a larger context, the article reminds us that the world is not only ready for more women leaders, the time is ripe for torch bearers leading the way to different, more expanded version of what it means to lead.

This expanded concept of leadership addresses more human needs, such as the need for:

  • greater emotional intelligence and self-awareness,
  • appreciation and respect,
  • inspiration and support of individual growth and work engagement,
  • support of a work environment and schedule needs in ways that build trust, foster loyalty, and spark innovation.


From “Women & Power” 

What advice has had the biggest impact on your success over the years? From Maryrose Sylvester, President and CEO, Current, Powered by GE…

VISION   “A number of years ago, a GE leader told me to “find the open door.”  Our business was going through a very challenging time, and his point was that I needed to change my lens and start viewing the struggle as an opportunity….  There’s always an open door; a leader’s job is to find it and guide others through it.”

What words or mission statement do you live by in the workplace?  From Maureen Franco, CEO of Cambridge BioMarketing…

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE   “My mantra is all about people — success comes down to who you work for, who you work with, and who you hire.  I have never regretted spending extra time to vet a candidate, mentor a rising star, or even closely evaluate the people who were hiring me.  It is crucial that those you work alongside challenge you to think more creatively and strategically.”


How does having more women in positions of power benefit a company?  From Mindy Berman, Managing Director, Investor Group Services…

OPENNESS   “It ensures that a company benefits from diversity of thought and perspective, which research shows results in better decision making.  Women make up a large percentage of the workforce, so having women in power ensures that the leadership can best represent female employees, clients, and customers.”



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