Maybe you’re at a meeting, or sitting alone organizing your schedule, when you suddenly notice that your mind has been wandering. You may realize you’re not focused on the topic or not aware of what someone just said. What just happened? Maybe fatigue or boredom is making it difficult to focus… Or maybe your mind is taking a creativity or problem-solving break!

This informative article How to Focus a Wandering Mind, from @Daily_Good and @GreaterGoodSC does a great job at explaining what happens when a mind wanders and what you can do to strengthen your focus. A common coaching strategy is to help clients find their “middle ground”, or points of greatest balance and effectiveness.  With a wandering mind, your best “middle ground” strategy may lie in noticing what supports and strengthens your focus — and then what allows your mind to take breaks to assimilate, problem-solve, or be creative.

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