Custom-tailored workshops to address your organization’s specific needs

DiSC® Classic Workshopeverything-disc-authorized-partner

Our DiSC Classic workshops are used by organizations and companies to address the following:

1) To help individuals increase their effectiveness by gaining greater understanding and appreciation of their strengths and challenges.
2) To help teams increase their effectiveness by gaining greater understanding and appreciation of each team members strengths and challenges.

3) To help organizations and companies understand the strengths and challenges of their team or staff so they can better appreciate and utilize the overall dynamics of these tendencies and strengths.

High-level effectiveness begins with self-understanding. And it’s from this self-understanding that you can best recognize and appreciate the challenges and strengths of your team members.

Without trust, cooperation, understanding and acceptance, a team’s process can be brought to a halt by internal conflict. How do you foster the key ingredients of team success? Let the DiSC Classic unlock the door to productive communication, positive relationships and increased team performance. DiSC and other assessments complement programs in a wide spectrum of training areas, including:

  • Sales Success
  • Management Development
  • Personal Leadership
  • Building Highly Effective Teams



The Results Accelerator™ Workshop – Your Personal 360o Assessment

Along with being offered to individuals as a one-on-one intake process, the Results Accelerator™ is also offered in a group workshop setting — helping individuals recognize patterns that make up their framework for decision making, communication, handling conflict, recognizing opportunities, and accomplishing of goals. The more clarity you gain in recognizing your patterns, the greater your ability to strengthen your success patterns and increase your leadership effectiveness and potential. 

The Power to Perform™ Workshop: Achieve Your Goals and Create Extraordinary Results

Based on principles of the Results System™, this one-day workshop looks at the hidden drivers of personal performance and empowers individuals to create positive change and accelerate achievement. Through self-coaching and peer coaching, participants learn skills and form strategies to achieve their goals, shift their habits, overcome their barriers, and create the powerful results they seek. Through interactive activities, participants focus on their real opportunities and challenges and complete the workshop with a clear, action-oriented 90-day implementation plan for change.

For specific information on how we can tailor coaching programs, workshops, or assessments to your needs, contact Trish Pratt at 978-208-7333.

“DiSC” and “Everything DiSC” are registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. “The Results System” is a trademark of ThoughtAction LLC.

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